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Trunks of the Honda Civic 2013

I loved my Honda Accord, leased for 3 years…we decided to downsize, reduce the payment, so this 3 years we got a Honda Civic. I’ve had some problems, but one that the dealership said was not a problem, as such, but more a feature of the Civic, is the remote opening of the trunk. When you hit the remote, the trunk opens, but it doesn’t rise at all, the Accord surely did. When it opens that way, you have packages in your arms, and you can fit your elbow into the space and of course have the trunk go fully open…the way I have it now, is that it’s virtually closed, but it is unlocked. But we still have to put our packages down to get the trunk open, truly open. Has anyone else not have this problem, cause then it’s not standard…if you’re trunk unlocks and goes up 1/2 way, that is what I’m used to…so I think I’m being given the ‘they’re all that way’ when in fact they may not…thanks

Just go the dealer and check out other 2013 Civics, see if ‘they all do that’. If they do, you could apply some lubricant to all the moving parts, see if that helps.

All the cars I’ve got are that way. The trunk unlocks but stays down until you lift it up. Saves your head sometimes from being hit by the flying trunk and a little easier on the hinges.

If you accidentally hit the button in your pocket during a rainstorm or in a questionable part of town, you might actually prefer the Civic’s behavior (assuming you find out that they all do work that way).

On another note, you may not care for my opinion here, but if you need to save money, leasing cars and turning them over every three years isn’t the way to go. If you bought this Civic and kept it for six to eight years, you’d be much further ahead.

My '03 Civic trunk does not pop open when you pull the trunk release either, never has. If you want the trunk to open more perhaps a body shop can find a way to mount a lift, the kind that are used to open up lift gates on vans.

Once it is unlocked, isn’t it possible to just bump the trunk lid w/your knee to pop it fully open?

If you think they are giving you the business, that “all the cars here do this same thing”, ask them to show you some other cars on the lot that work the same way as yours.

I help customers bring their groceries out to the car, from what i remember about another customers new civic the trunk unlocks but you still have to touch a pad near the plate to actually open the trunk. Some cars (particularly american) have remote trunks that just fly up when you hit the button which makes it easy to tell which car is yours. The accord might have it designed to pop open but on many other kinds of cars you still have to unlatch the trunk (I see a cross section of cars in a day, from Kia to Mercedes)

I agree with Uncle Turbo. My 2005 Civic SI has no “electronic” trunk opening. OK. No problem. However, when you pull the lever from inside the car, the trunk (as he says) barely pops open. Well, at least I’m going to the trunk empty-handed, because the groceries are inside. BTW, it’s very strange to have a power moon roof, but no “power” trunk opening.

My Acura does the same thing. The trunk opens about 2 or 3 inches. It’s easy to nudge it the rest of the way up with a fingertip while continuing to hold packages. I prefer it this way. When I open it in a rainstorm, it minimizes the amount of time that rain is pouring into the trunk.

I just leased a new 2013 Honda Civic EX, and when I pressed the trunk release button on the remote key, the trunk barely lifted up at all, however it did unlock it. So I would say this is not a defect and is normal for all the civics.

Our old Accord would open the trunk all the way when you pulled the lever inside, but our new Legacy just unlocks the trunk, the lid does not come up.


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