2018 Honda Civic Sdn - Trunk opens

The trunk opens by itself while in motion without any imput from key fob or door switch. Anbody else experience this?

From what I have read there are a lot of other Honda owners with this problem. the dealer will say it is the body control module. owners have said it fixed it for 6 months or so and it comes back. some had said the wiring by the latch was corroded and that fixed theirs. there is no definitive answer that I have found.
also do not keep your key fob in your pocket because that can set it off while you are driving.

Pardon my ignorance but I’d kinda expect a modern car to be “smart” enough not to open the trunk while in motion.

OP, have you inspected the latch mechanism? You may notice something is gunked up or broken. You could also try a little WD 40 on the moving parts, might help. Another possibility, the moving part of the latch is no longer aligned with the fixed part. Could happen if the trunk lid was closed while something inside the trunk was interfering. Or a thief pried it open when you weren’t there, looking for loot inside the trunk.

Yeah sure, I’m not going to say it is not a defect, but assuming it might be human error instead, I don’t know why but I often brush the trunk button on the fob. Just very slight opens the dang thing. The other thing if you have a switch in the cab to open the trunk, could the switch or wiring to it be shorting out?