2018 Honda Civic trunk lid spontaneously opens

Gentlemen…I hope you can shed some light on my issue!!

I have a 2018 Honda Civic LX, with approximately 3,000 miles. I am having a problem with the trunk lid opening spontaneously. This started happening approximately 3 months after taking delivery of the car. When I leave the car, using the key fob I lock the doors and set the alarm, I then check the trunk lid by actually tugging on it to make sure it’s shut and it’s shut. Only to come back to my car to find the trunk lid is open approximately 2-3 inches and the doors are still locked and the alarm still set. The trunk is open the same 2-3 inches as if I had used the key fob to open the trunk. At first I thought it was me hitting the trunk open button on the key fob, which is why I tug on the trunk to make sure it’s shut. This is becoming a regular occurrence. I am extremely cautious as to how I am handling the key fob when walking away from the car, so as to not hit the trunk lid open button.

I do not have this problem when the car is not locked or the alarm is not set (i.e. when in my garage).

I’ve talked with the Honda dealership and received the “we not heard of this problem” answer. Just this week I changed out the key fob to see if that corrects the problem. I am hoping this solves the issue. I wanted to ask for your input/suggestions or if you have heard of this issue in the event I have to contact the dealership I have a suggestion from you.

Thank you,


I’m guessing the key fob was your problem. Don’t forget to take the batteries out of the old fob.

It’s been less than a week since I switched out the key fob. At this point I am not confident that was the problem. Thanks for the hint about the battery.