Trunk Not Unlocking with Remote

I have a 2003 Mazda 6 that has just in the last week, stopped unlocking (“popping”) the trunk either from the remote or the manual push button next to the stearing column. Both mechanisms stopped working simulatenously for no apparent reason. The trunk can still be unlocked manually with the key. The remote works otherwise for unlocking the doors. What might cause the trunk to not unlock?

The two most likely causes are broken wires to the solenoid mounted to the trunk latch and the solenoid itself.

On these cars if you turn the key in the truck the “wrong” way, it disables the remote and the button. They make the clunk, but nothing happens. To undo that I think you have to turn the key the “right” way twice in a row. Check your owners manual.

Went West, Awesome. I Learned Something About Mazdas And If You “Fixed” It, It Reassures My Respect For One’s Reading The Owner’s Manual.

True story. I order Factory Service Manuals for each and every car I own (currently 7) and while I’m ordering from Helm, I also get an additional Owner’s Manual that I keep in the house with the Service Manual.

There are things covered in the Ownwer’s Manual that are not in the Service Manual or are just about impossible to find in hundreds of pages and 3-4 volumes of the Service Manual.


if you dont mind me asking csa what cars do you own?

So I come up with a swell answer, and the OP doesn’t even reply! I hate when that
happens. Makes me feel like a chump (or like a MAN, as that other thread seems to want me to believe).

Why would anyone want such a feature,usually there is some reason a person could come up with for having such a feature. So this car has the ability to diactivate any way to open the trunk(except with the key),for what benifit?

Most keyless entry systems require two presses of “unlock” to open the passenger door,the reason for this is clear,its a security feature but whats up with the trunk feature?

Maybe it’s like my Camry, which has as similar feature AND a "valet’ key. Valet key works only the doors and the ignition, not the trunk. So, you can let the valet parking guys drive the car, and and nobody can get to stuff locked in the trunk. (You have to remember also to lock the fold-down rear seats to keep people out of the trunk.)

Good call,a place that can be locked and a person that only has a valet key will not be able to get into it.