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Truck problem

MY 1995 DODGE RAM 1500 TRUCK 4X4 WHILE DRIVING MY RADIO WENT OFF , MY ABS ,BRAKE LIGHTS AND AIR BAG LIGHTS WERE ON I STOPPED AND TRIED MY WINDOWS and turn signals did not work but my head lights and door locks work . i drove it home and parked it the next day it work . i checked grounds under the hood seemed ok. Any sugestions

Clean both battery terminal posts and lugs. A bad battery conn. can cause these kinds of intermittent symptoms. It is an easy task, anyone can do it. and if this does not fix the problem, you are only out 15 min work.

I checked and cleaned the battery terminals and re did my ground connections under the hood I was looking for a bad connection did not find any The truck is running with no problem but I didn’t find the problem and it could come back. I would like to know if anyone ever had this problem

You probably fixed your problem by cleaning the battery terminals. This is such a common problem that it happens by the minute all over the world. The battery connections can appear to be tight but the simple act of cleaning can do a world of wonders.

My Dodge Neon did exactly the same thing, turned out the key was binding when I started it, so it didn’t get from ‘start’ to ‘run’; it was somewhere in between, so no power to anything but ignition. Next time starting everything was fine…Just make sure key returns all the way to ‘run’ position

The spring that returns your ignition switch has gotten weak. Some spray lube might help. If it happens again judt rotate the key back to you a little bit and I will bet everything comes to life.

Thanks for the information