Electric problems

my truck wont turn over. the radio, turn signals, cig lighter and oil and temp lights on dash dont work. all other electric does. i tapped the relays and starter and batt is full. fuses in box all fine. im stumped?? please help

Turn your headlights on, then try to start the truck. If the headlights get quite dim when you turn the key to start, then you have a bad/discharged battery, or a loose battery cable. If they stay at full brightness, then you have a bad ignition switch, solenoid, relay, starter, or wiring to one of those items.

You’ve either got a starter malfuction or a bad electrical connection. You can start troubleshootig by jumping your selenoid on your starter, if that works, your starter is fine. NOw you need to find the voltage drop - the place which isn’t allowing the necessary voltage to pass through and energize the starter. (providing your battary is good). It could be an ignition swtich, battary clamp/terminal, neutral safety switch, etc.

what should the saftey switch do when a meter is on it? and do you know what i should be looking for and about where on the trans it is. thank you so oo much

thank you for the info i am racking my brains here im not so good with the electronics

would those things cause me to loose power to the radio and turn signals too?

The two most common connection issues will be at the battery, or at the starter (bad solenoid). Take the battery cables off of the battery terminals and clean the terminals and connectors with a wire brush. If the terminals are very corroded, sometimes corrosion can creep into the wires leading to the battery, in which case they should be replaced.

If that doesn’t do it, remove the starter and take it to an AutoZone or its equivalent and have it tested. If it is good, then the problem could be the ignition switch.

If you don’t feel comfortable investigating any of these issues, you should take it to a shop.