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Truck issues

I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado I just replaced the battery and still nothing it dont give me no sounds of starting or anything my radio dont come on the only lights that come on when I turn my key on is my battery and my gear lights nothing else shows when i turn the key over it makes no sounds last night I started my truck and as soon as it started I cut off instantly
What could this be

How are the battery connections . . . ?!

Tight . . . ?!

loosey goosey . . . ?

How are the battery cables and battery terminal bolts . . . ?!

nice and clean . . . ?!

green and corroded . . . ?!

They are tight and clean

Check the other ends of the battery cables to make sure they are tight and clean.

Try putting the transmission in neutral. If it starts, you need a new park/neutral switch or the current one needs an adjustment.