Truck just quits

i have the 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 4x4. The other day I was traveling on the freeway, and suddenly the engine stopped running, radio, ignition, power steering, etc. and then as the car was slowing down everything started working, engine came back on and everything is fine. Then a few days afterward, I took the truck around the corner to the store, started the truck up then cam e out of the parking and this time everything shut down for good. The lights work, the emergency flashers work, but when you you turn the ignition, no lights come on, no buzzer, no engine turning over, no nothing…any ideas?

I’ve been berated for this before, but I stand firm in my suspicions on Dodge/Chrysler ignition switches. I would have that switch tested first.

So if the switch somehow messed up it would cut the power to the engine and all that? Even if its running?

If my car, I’d look up whre the main engine power comes from – usually involves the ignition switch and possibly a relay – and connect a DVM to that wire. If the voltage isn’t nearly the same as the battery voltage when the truck is running, that’s a clue, as it should be. Voltage ok? Next time the truck quits, does that voltage displayed on the DVM drop?

I would suspect the CAM sensor. On the Dodge forums it seem to be the weak link.