Truck engine not in rhythm

My 2002 Truck engine is not idling well. When I start it up it is trying to stall or when I am at a stop. I think that one of the sensors is not working properly but I don’t know which one. If that is the problem, what can I do to resolve this issue and how much would it be to fix?

Usually when a vehicle isn’t running well there will be a OBD-II code. Is the engine light on??

Even if it’s not I’d get it scanned. The problem you’re having is to vague. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to diagnose this over the internet. And the cost could be anywhere from $20 to $5,000 (plus or minus $10,000).

The light is on and it is a ranger.

Have you read your owners’ manual? It’ll tell you that when that light is on, that means your computer has stored fault codes that you need to get read by a shop with a code reader. Most parts stores will do this for you for free. Post the codes here, along with the year, mileage, engine, and maintenance history for your Explorer, and it’ll give us a place to start

Mileage?? 4 cylinder? 6 cylinder?

It has over 140,000 miles and it is a 6 cylinder.

Light is on…then you need to get the code read to determine what the problem is. Post back after you do that. There’s not much we can do until you get the code read.