Ford explorer sport track 2WD 2001

I have a ford explorer sports track that tends to “buck” when I’m idling at a light or any other time the truck is at a stop and times it will stall all together. Does anyone have a clue as to what causes this?

any number of things could be wrong. is the check engine light on?. if it is then have the codes “read” and post the codes here. If no codes then you will need to have the OBD 11 system scanned and monitored to try and determine what the problem could be

Maybe a vacuum leak or a problem with the Idle Air Valve. A vacuum gauge can be used to check for a vacuum leak and the IAC is a bit more iffy because it’s possible for those to act up and not set a code.

(The IAC is actually an air leak, although it’s a computer controlled one.)

yes the check engine light don’t know what the codes are. i have changed the idle valve and the egr valve but it seems like it might have gotten worse the jumping that is. sometimes it don’t want to even start the engine will turn over but it want fire up. gona try and change the spark plugs and wires next. any other suggestions i might could do? thanks happy new year!

here are the codes P0136,P1131,P01151,P0171,P0174,P1401 for the 2001 ford explorer sport trac 2wd v6

you need to first clear the codes and then see which ones come back on. it may take a day or 2 for this to happen. looks like you have some o2 sensor problems. and possibly a problem with the egr circuit