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2015 Ford Explorer - engine nearly died

Engine almost died at stoplight when AC was turned on. Happened twice on different days.

Ok, that’s unfortunate. Do you have a question? With the limited information provided, the only response I could give would be " you need to take this to a mechanic’.


Sounds like the OP meant to say that his engine stalled, and he had to restart it.

When an engine dies, it will not run anymore without a rebuild.

Is the Check Engine Light lit-up?
How many miles are on the odometer?
Are the spark plugs due for replacement?

Read the codes and it may be O2 sensor related. If so, there will be a code. That will be a $270 fix. It can be other things but will need a diagnosis as well. With or without a code, they can figure it out most of the time. I had the same problem with a V-6 from 2014. It might still be covered by warranty.

Dirty throttle body that needs to be cleaned and pcm reset .

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