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Transponder program mode

I successfully programed the FOB of a replacement key for an '09 Yaris but I can’t get her into program mode to accept the new transponder. I tried two methods I found on youtube and haven’t any success. Does anybody have a method that works for this year and model?

What have you tried thus far ?

One method requires (basically) inserting and extracting the key 5 times (leaving it in on the fifth) then opening and closing the door 6 times.

The second method starts with depressing the acceleration and brake at the same time. Then (if I remember correctly) pressing the accilerator 5 times and then the brake…

The security light continues to flash when the new key is inserted at the end of the process and it is not recognized.

I have to look this one up as it may be a function for a high end diagnostic computer or Toyota’s diag computer at the dealer.

I have an Autel diag computer that has a key fob programmer in its software specifically…which is what made me mention this possibility.

Have you tried these methods yet? Also be extremely accurate in your steps…one slip up and it cancels the attempt… I always find I need to act out the scenario prior to actually trying it…

Give these a read through…