Key fob not pairing with car

So, I just bought this car and the key fob doesn’t work. Put a new battery in and tried to reprogram it with no success. Found the fob wasn’t sending signal so bought a new one. Tested and is sending signal with New battery(3.2V reading CR2025) programmed it half a dozen times with no success. All door locks working correctly. Tried disconnecting batter for 5 minutes and reprogramming the fob again with no success.

During programming, all steps done correctly to the point where the locks cycle.

Anyone have any ideas because the control unit for this car is almost 1000$…

what year is your vehicle?
Does the other key fob do the same thing.
when you sit in the vehicle with the door open and the key out of the ignition do you get a chime warning like the key is in the ignition?

Before replacing the control unit, suggest to pose this question at a Subaru dealership. There may be special programming required and only the Subaru dealership has the necessary equipment. Part of the reason is to prevent auto thefts.

I agree with @George_San_Jose1 A Subaru dealer is probably your best bet. Next best is a locksmith.

Upon a ton of investigation and calling dealerships, I have found out there are three different styles of fobs for the tear drop shaped fob. Two dealers had no idea that someone could manually program fobs(even though its in the owners manual) and the rest just wanted to charge me up the a** to “look into it” I had to call a Subaru dealer 3 states away to get information. The fob i got used from a dealer is the incorrect style and my style is expensive(200+ after tax) Argued with a dealer for the part number and went online and bought a replacement for 35$.

Should be here 12-15th.


I got the programming routine for my 2002 Miata from the internet, courtesy of some google-izing. It worked perfectly.

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