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Scan tool to program key

It was easy to program the FOB portion of a 2009 Toyota key, but it seems that the only way to get the car to recognize the new key in the ignition is with a high end scan tool or by whatever means a lock smith uses.

Is there a scan tool in the $200 range that can accomplish this or should I be snickering at the question also?


No idea. But it seems like if a person could purchase a $200 tool that does that, couldn’t they use it to steal any Toyota that uses that technology? If so, probably just going to have to bite the bullet and let a dealership handle it for you.

You don’t say what model Toyota, but give this a try.


Is this the 2009 Yaris you asked about 9 months ago ? Why not just have it done rather than buy a tool you might never need again.

I have read posts by people that purchased bootleg copies of Toyota Techsteam software and programmed the new keys themselves, I think it would be safer to visit a locksmith.

I don’t know how much a basic programming tool costs but to enter the programming sequence you must first inset a programmed master key. If all keys are lost, a “seed” code must be obtained from Toyota to replace all keys and the labor charge is about 2 hours.


I gave away my old scan tool. So since I need to get a new one, I might as well get one that does more.

That part was easy. The FOB portion of the key works fine. But the car doesn’t recognize the key to start the engine.

The hardware store I used to work at had the equipment necessary to accomplish this. Check there first.