09 Corolla key addition

I’m trying to add a new transponder key to my car (09 Corolla) but can’t get it into program mode.
I’ve tried the gas 5x brake 6x method, and the inserting and withdrawing master key 5x. Still nothing. Toyota wants $75 to program a key that I purchased and had cut.
I’ve done plenty of things to my car (installed keyless entry system) so I’m pretty sure that if I could just get the car into program mode I would be able to it myself.

After market things can change the factory settings so the programing might not be the same.

I don’t think anything I’ve done has changed any program settings.
However, while installing the keyless system, I found out my Corolla was assembled in Japan. None of the wiring diagrams quite matched my car.

Of course you kept the instructions that came with the keyless system, right? Call the 1-800Number. Ask them.

Don’t have that? Find the name of the system on the fob or something and google them. Then call. Then ask.

Don’t have that? Good luck! Stuff happens.

Mine came with 2 key fobs. Don’t know why yours didn’t.

Pay the $75.00, you’ll easily have more than $75.00 worth of aggravation from this otherwise.

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That is not what I’m looking for. The keyless system I installed was Only for the doors.

What I need is to add another transponder chipped key.

And yes, I did keep the instructions. However, Viper is not Toyota, therefore, those instructions wouldn’t apply.

I bought it used from a Chrysler dealership and they only gave me 1 key.

Ok, I think you should use old_mopar_guy idea and pay the $ 75 or get a regular key instead of a key fob.

Probably so. But I don’t need a keyfob. Just an additional chipped key.

Most people think of a keyless system as something you carry and you do not need to insert anything to start your car. Since this is for the doors only most people call it remote entry.
I doubt if anyone on the web will be able to solve this since the factory wires have been added to for your remote entry. Next time don’t except a vehicle without 2 keys.


Tried that one. Didn’t work. But thanks for the link. :slightly_smiling_face:

This requires a “special” electronic tool to learn the key (these generally cost several hundred to thousands of dollars). Some manufacturers give you the ability through a procedure to program your own keys (I’ve read some GM owners manuals that specify this), however, I never experienced this with Toyota during my ownership of a 2006 Corolla, or while installing 12v electronics (06-15).

Knowing all this, I went to Lowe’s home improvement and had them make a transponder key, and they beat Wal-Mart’s price at the time, by 10%, so it cost me ~$60.

Just remember this, if you think it’s expensive now, if you only have one key and lose it, they generally get you for (edit: A LOT!) more. My 2¢. Good luck.

Wow! I didn’t know Home Depot could program keys! Thanks for the info. I’ll have to go check them out!

They can sell you a key that is a clone. Essentially a machine scans your key for the frequency it “operates” by, then the machine can transfer this to a specific aftermarket they sell. This process is entirely different than buying a key, cutting it, then programming it, to add it to the list of recognized keys, by the vehicle.

Unless you make friends with a locksmith or dealership tech, this is unfortunately more often than not, an expensive endeavor. The upside is that no-one can “hot wire” your car and maybe insurance is cheaper as a result.