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Transponder Key Replacement?

I lost the transponder key to my 1999 Ford Expedition and am wondering if it is possible to replace the ignition from a salvage yard? I get conflicting opinions whether this will work or not. Do you have any info on this, as the cost of a locksmith to do this is upwards of $300.00, and I can get the part and a key from the junkyard for about $60-70. Any other remedies???

Thanks, DM

Yes you can replace the ignition, but then you will STIIL have to have the “new” transponder key programmed to your vehicle’s computer. In fact it takes two keys to do it. Not every locksmith can do it as it takes a sophisticated scanner/computer. Then too, I only gave $90 to have mine done, on top of the $36 “extra” key from the dealer.

Getting the old lock cylinder out of the steering column without a key will also be difficult.

You can buy transponder keys on ebay for about $20, key fob remotes too. The seller will provide instructions on how to program the new key. You get it “cut” at any hardware store. A locksmith is cheaper than a dealer and can do it for less than Ford dealer, but more than DIY.

As MG McAnick wrote, you probably need two keys to program a key yourself. If you have only one or no key, you are at the mercy of someone with the electronic tool necessary for this operation. Do you have a manual? If not, see if you can download one at or