Transmission Disengages Completely

The 6-speed manual transmission disengages without warning. I coast to the shoulder, turn it off, re-start it, then ride off. Happened 4 times in 2 years, the last 2 occurred half-hour apart. Happened when riding 50-75 mph. It’s a 2001. 112,000 mi odom.

Mechanic’s scan showed nothing. No Check Engine light.

Guessing this is on a VW?

if so, I found this on the web:

What Is the EPC Light?

What does the VW EPC light mean when it shows up on your dashboard? It is a sign that your vehicle is in need of immediate repairs. You should still be able to drive the vehicle, but no more than necessary to get it to a service center.

Alexandria Volkswagen has provided a list of the most common causes for a Volkswagen EPC warning light to become illuminated:

  • Throttle pedal or throttle body issues
  • Cruise control trouble
  • Engine speed sensor error
  • Mass airflow sensor error
  • Issues with your brake light switch
    How to Fix EPC light

Eddo, EPC Light is completely irrelevant - my fault. Pls remove your post or it will confuse readers. Again, my bad.

A 2001 what ?

I can’t understand how a manual transmission disengages . I can see a manual jumping out of gear but needing to shut the vehicle off to make it work again .

Audi TT Neither do I hence why I’m here.

I am not sure if you have a mechanical linkage to the trans, but bad motor mounts or transmisssion mounts would be worth checking imhop.

it may not be irrelevant. EPC stands for Electronic Power Control and relates to engine power. I have zero experience with Audi’s, but what makes you think mentioning that is irrelevant?

This is a question for an Audi forum or even a dealer item . Is it possible that pmarc is confusing lose of engine power with a transmission problem ?


No. During this episode hitting the gas yields nothing.
All that happens is revs go to 1000 and a flutter. There is zero traction. Done it 4 times.

That is not a sign of a disengaged transmission. The engine would rev higher than that.


You have an electronic throttle control problem, that is why the EPC light is on.


I’m just standing on the sidelines but Eddo said the EPC light and the OP said it isn’t on. I would have said neutraling out but then saw it was a manual. Then would have thought popping out of gear but saw shutting the car down and re-starting ended it. So just in my mind, what possible electronic interface would there be with the clutch or manual transmission? If the engine died, it wouldn’t rev to 1000. If it was clutch or transmission, why would re-setting the computer change it? Scratching my head.

The EPC light does go on but no codes are shown before turning off the car. And upon turning on the car there is no EPC light shown. Note, again, mechanic’s scan shows nothing.

Additionally, note a new clutch was installed in 2018.

Well then you are back to the EPC issue as Nevada and Eddo commented, code set or no code set. Some codes though cannot be read by the lower cost equipment and need to go to a dealer or a larger shop with the more costly equipment, if that is why no codes were found.

The European shop I used has the Audi dealer software. Or equivalent. However, read this from a guy at :

“This vehicle has two modules on board, one controls the engine, one controls the transmission, I’m wondering if it stored a code in the TCM, and he only checked the ECM. Because if you see that EPC light come on, it’s got a code somewhere, it would be very rare for the light to come on and there not be a code stored in one of those modules.“

The TCM controls an automatic transmission but you have a manual. Not sure what a TCM could be controlling unless the shifter is not mechanically connected to the transmission.

Hmm. The Justanswer guy at one point hadnt yet realized I had a manual shift.

More from Justanswer guy for your review:

“ if it’s a manual transmission, and it pops out of gear like that, then the syncronizers are worn out, there are “dogs” and syncro sleeve’s and keepers, (you can google it for a picture) but this component “LOCKS” the transmission into gear and keeps pressure on the syncro sleeve to keep the gear engaged from the main shaft to the cluster shaft. So if it’s popping out of gear sometimes, then those items are the ones that are excessively worn and they will need to be replaced to fix it permanently. which means transmission out and on the work bench and new syncronizers and dogs put in it. Or you could possibly go to and see if you can find a manual 6 speed for a TT with really low mileage on it and put a used unit in it. I would likely go that route first if it was mine. Thank you. “

It seems that if this thing was just popping out of gear all you would have to do is depress clutch and put it back in gear. You said to have to stop , shut the car off and restart . That points to an engine problem , not a manual transmission problem unless I really don’t know what is happening .

Have you talked to an actual mechanic who can see this vehicle in person ?

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