Please help-damsel in distress!


I just posted a question about an EPC light. My little bug is locked in park. I can not get the car moving to take it to the dealer to get it fixed. I can’t afford a tow so any help figuring out how to fix the problem would be appreciated. Please boys…

2002 Volkswagen Beetle. Automatic. Tried to turn keys and press brake 3 times per dealer instructions but that didn’t work. Now the EPC light stays on and I can’t take the car out of park.



EPC light i’m not familiar with.
Did you read the manual on trans. and the light?


There has been a recall related to this problem in effect for a few years, as I recall. It is apparently related to a defective brake light switch. So, I would suggest:

Repeatedly pushing the brake pedal while the ignition is on. This may result in the switch unlocking its interconnection with the transmission interlock. Also–your Owner’s Manual should give you the procedure for over-riding the transmission interlock in situations like this.

If that fails, try calling the VW dealer. If your car is one of the recalled ones, it is possible that they may cover the cost of a tow. If they won’t cover the cost of the tow, you should check your car insurance policy, as most times car owners pay for towing coverage without even realizing that they have that coverage. And, it is not just in case of collision, but will cover towing for mechanical breakdown also–if you have towing coverage.

Lastly, if there is an active recall on the car and if you are the original owner, then proceed to give yourself a dope slap for ignoring the recall. If you are not the original owner, then you can assume that the previous owner was not too bright if he/she ignored free repair on their car for a known problem.


EPC= Electronic Pedal Control

OP: You have a devective brake light switch. There is an override procedure that allows you to move the shifter out of park in case of failure. I would look in the manual or contact the dealer. A word of caution though. Your vehicle will not have BRAKE lights. This makes it not only unsafe but illegal to drive. Consider towing it to your local dealership for repair under recall.


assuming you got the key to turn, the steering wheel in’st jamming the key to prevent it from turning on?

try more, harder pedal pushes. FIRM, all the way to the floor.

common, give it to it, Arrrrgh. did it work?