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Euro wan vw

the EPC light comes on

I am going to guess that an EPC light is the same thing as a MIL or CEL and is an indication of a problem. Assuming that is true then you need to have someone check what code has been stored and what that code means

Note: Codes do not say replace this or that part, they do say that the computer is getting an unexpected signal from a sensor monitoring that part. The difference is significant.

Note2: In North America VW’s use an expanded error code system and not all of the possible codes are readable by the standard reader, so a special (VAGCOM) reader is required for some errors.

It might also be a service engine soon light, meaning maintenance is due, or ???

I believe EPC relates to with your brake pedal switch or automatic transmission sensor. Usually you are required to press the brake pedal in order to shift the automatic in a gear.

Are you actually having a problem?