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EPC light and codes

I have a 2008 VW Rabbit and this morning when I went to start my car it had a little trouble starting, once it was started the EPC light was on (It stalled once last night, after 3 attempts to restart at light it turned on and ran fine with no warning light on until this morning). After work I went to get it coded (even though my EPC light was/is now off) and these are the numbers I got, 00801 and 00802. Does anyone know what these indicate, I am thinking it is either Crank shaft sensor or my gas pedal position sensor/wires, but any info?

Your vehicle comes in 4 different optional engines. This applies for the L5 2.5 BGB version. EPC means electronic power control; i.e. the throttle isn’t mechanically connected to the accel pedal. Throttle valve movement is done with an electronic actuator. There’s two sensors in the pedal ass’y which are read by the ecm. So you could have problems with the sensors or the actuator or, less likely, the ecm. Also any problem that might confuse the ecm about how the engine is running could cause a symptom like that, like if it couldn’t figure out the engine rpm. So I think you are on the right track in your thinking.

I wasn’t able to find those codes for some reason other than as generic rpm sensor faults. Usually obd II diagnostic codes start with the letter “p”. Do you have nay codes that look like p0321?

No I don’t have codes with a P (which I thought was unusual being in a family of mechanics), I went to the place I normally get my oil changed to have a quick computer reading as they were super busy and could not do a full on look. I am going to try and make an apt. with a VW specialist when I can to have a full diagnostic scan done. I was just wondering if maybe someone has something. But I am sure it has something to do with a sensor or a wire. Thank you for your response.

If you can find the rpm sensor (often called the crank position sensor), check if the retaining bolt has fallen out, or the wire connector has come undone. That part is usually near the crank pulley or in the area where the engine meets up with the transmission, closer to the bottom than the top.