Toyota Power Switch For Windows



Has anyone else tried to replace the main power switch for windows on the driver’s side and had the new switch not work either.

Our driver’s side window does not go down, however, all the other windows do. All the door locks, etc. work also.

We had a mechanic replace the motor for the switch and it still didn’t work.

Does anyone have any suggestion of what to do now to fix this?

It’s a 2000 Toyota Corolla.


Power windows can be a real pain to work on. You need to get a good mechanic who can troubleshoot using wiring schematics. A lot of these power windows have series, parallel and series parallel power circuits. It’s easy to test the switch snd the motor by simply jumping the wires. The problem is you need to know what wires to jump. You may have a broken or burnt wire that will no longer carry the current needed to operate the window. You can get a Haynes manual for your Corolla at most auto parts stores for around $20. They have very good wiring diagrams in the back of the book which are specific for your vehicle.