Drivers side electric window

My question is this: I have a 2001 Toyota corolla LE that has 188,500 very reliable miles. Intermitently has an electric window that will not go back up if it is put down all the way or partially. I am thinking that it is the switch over the motor. Any other ideas

You can do a little studying and find out what wires control the up and down of the motor. Take the switch out of the circuit and activate the motor directly with 12vdc to see if it works as it should everytime you lower and raise it. If not, then you know the motor is going.

this was actually a ‘two brothers’ trivia stumper about a year or so ago.

with someone else in the car, with the keys ON run, but engine off; turn parking lights on; have helper press the button up and down. if the lights dim a little bit, but the window doesn t move, then its the window regulator motor, if the lights don’t dim at all, then the most likely problem is the switch itself.

of course this is not a fail safe diagnosis, since there is wiring, and corrosion on terminals too, but start with this.

oh yeah, try this at night in a dark place, so you can really see the intensity of the lights! no sense doing it in the daylight!

As a guess I would think the regulator is at fault due to the wear and tear on it.

Power window switch contacts are corroded, replace the switch.

I replaced the switch and this did not fix it

That’s how I fixed mine.

Ok, have you tried what Wizard suggested?

This is a MAYBE but there may be a broken wire between the door and the door post. Age and constant opening and closing of the door can wear the wiring.

I’d test the wiring first though. (Try moving the door back and forth while the tester is hooked up)

If you can pop off the door panel, look inside to see if the window is in it’s track. I had something similar happen to my civic, it turned out the window had come out of it’s track and would not go up all the way. Took it in and that’s what had happened, didn’t need to replace the motor at all.