2002 toyota corolla auto windows don't work


i have a 2002 toyota corolla model s. automatic. one day the auto window just stopped working. replaced fuse once, worked for a day or so then stopped again. (has been nonfunctional since last year sometime)

this week finally took it to a mechanic-opened the door panels and everything in working order, checked the wiring, all ok, replaced blown fuse again. worked until that evening after getting it from the shop. started car, windows worked, drove a few miles, windows didn’t work. any clues???

i called the dealership to see if there is some magic diagnostic tool but basically it would probably be at least 2 hr fee for just diagnostics checking the wiring throughout that system and even electrical mechanics 25 yrs out have difficulties.

arrrrggggghhhhhhh :frowning:


Drivers door window or passenger side?

Either one may be hard to trace but I would start looking with a continuity tester for power between the fuse panel and the power window switch.

You may very well have a boken wire hidden INSIDE the insulation that may or may not make connection periodically.

Perhaps this is why the mech couldn’t find a broken wire.

Check all the wiring that goes through the ‘accordion’ between the door post and the door.

With the tester connected, wiggle and twist each wire in turn.

Another way is to use a jumper wire between the switch and the fuse panel.

If the switch wiring is good, the short that blows the fuse MAY be in the wiring of an associated component. What else runs off the same fuse?


thank you for your comments, i’ll pass the suggestions on to my mechanic.

when the window stop working it’s all windows, all at once, no controls work on any of the doors. no weird noises, just dead.

not sure what else is connected to that fuse, i know it’s a #30 fuse, i can check the manual diagram to see what else is running through it.


be sure you are using the correct fuse amp.
did you check the wiring at the door switch ?
maybe your switch has an intermiten problem ? try with another one just for testing.
when the windows stop working which switch have you used ? just the driver side switch? or the problem occur using any of them ?
the windows motor it is not the problem because you said you put a new fuse and they work again
finnaly there could be a loose wire that cause an open circuit and with the car running make this wire touch the chassis.
did you check if the fuse for the windows also works for another electrical divise in your car ?


I have always had problems with power windows,Most of the time it was a bad ground.All i did was cut the ground wire to each door and grounded it to the car and they all worked~