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Power Window

My 2005 Dodge Caravan power window on the driver’s side is inoperable all of a sudden. Won’t go down at all. Is there a fuse or is it the power window motor. Easy to get to?

There is a fuse, but first check the passenger window. If it works, then the fuse is OK. Then you need to check the regulator and motor. Does the windowmotor make any noise at all? It could also be the switch. If it is the switch, then you need to replace the whole switch console. If you have a voltmeter, you can check power out from the switch to the motor.

OK, thanks. Motor for the window makes no noise at all. passenger window works fine. How do I get the switch out of the door? Do I have to remove the whole inside door panel or does the switch just pop out? Where is the fuse for this anyway?

The switch probably pops out w/out pulling the whole panel. But do yourself a favor & blow $20 on a repair manual (auto parts stores). It will tell you how to test the window circuits & how to pull the switch / door panel, etc. You’ll make your $20 back fast.

The Haynes Manual for my 2002 Chrysler minivan was pretty useless when it came to checking or replacing my drivers window motor. Mine was a bad motor and I was able to replace just the motor. Did require some drilling of rivets and re-riveting. If you want to avoid some work, the dealer sells the motor and regulator as an assembly that just snaps in place once you have the old fasteners out. A lot more money though.

Also consider that it might be a broken wire where the wires come into the door at the hinge side of the door. Flexing can damage a wire and since the driver’s door is the one that gets the most use it is the first to go out.

I posted a similar question a month or so ago - and I am still driving around with a dead window. This appears to be a chronic issue with these cars (I have fixed mine a couple of times and know others with the same issue), but I am not optimistic about a recall or similar fix from Dodge. Repair at the shop will be about $300.