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Toyota corolla power windows not working

i have a 2000 toyota corolla ce with approx 116k miles on it. it’s an automatic transmission with power windows. i’m having issues with the power windows-- only the driver’s side window will go up or down. the front passenger side window and the rear passenger windows will not go up or down, either when you use the master controls at the driver’s side, or when you use the controls located by the passenger side window.

i noticed this problem a few months ago. i’m not sure if it is a fuse problem or a wiring problem, and i don’t want to have to take it to toyota and pay a lot of $$ for them to tell me it’s something simple like a blown fuse. the car hasn’t been in any accidents and has been running fine. it’s used and i’ve had it for about a year now. i take good care of it and make sure it gets its regularly scheduled maintenance. i haven’t had any problems with the car until this little window problem popped up.

thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

There is a switch on the driver’s door that disables the other three power windows. Could someone have accidentally activated that switch?

What fixed it when it happened a few months ago?

You can check the power window fuses yourself. The owner’s manual will show you where they are.

mcparadise-- i just went out and checked for that switch. indeed, it was activated! problem solved! i didn’t realize it was something so simple and easy. thanks for your help!