Power Windows that do not work

I have a 2000 Honda Accord LX that has power windows. The driver’s side window just stopped working. I stopped by Honda to find out about what it would cost. $112.00 just to look at it and over $400.00 if there is a number of problems. Can I myself take the panel off the door and look at the window to see if it is just a minor thing I could do? Or is it too complicated and I should just “bite the bullet” and take it to Honda?

I suspect a bad power window switch.

Does this vehicle have the drivers door armrest switch console for locks and windows?

Most just pry out (carefully) with the use of a small screwdriver.

Once out, check for continuity to the switch (both sides, re-up and down).

If no power, the power wire to the door from the fuse panel may be broken in the area between the door and the cabin.

If there is power at the switch, disconnect the wiring harness, pull out all other switches and do the same.

Look for and remove fastening screws (usually around the door handle).

Using a slim flat tool pry out the panel to detach the plastic clips from the door, lift up and away from the door.

Remove the plastic moisture barrier (do not tear) to gain access to the window regulator and motor.

All this isn’t rocket science, all you need is a little auto knowledge, preferably a repair manual, a couple of tools and patience.

If you want you can buy a Haynes or Chilton repair manual for your specific vehicle which shows how to and also has illustrations as to what to do.

If you feel this is a wee bit much, take your vehicle to any reputable independent shop,

You don’t NEED to take your Honda to a Honda dealer for repairs unless it’s a recall or a job fully covered under warranty.

Thanks for the reply. I do have power to all the windows. The one that is not working (drivers) goes down slowly and only a little. Then it wont go up without pushing it up. Even that will not work most of the time. By most of the time I mean I could push the switch and it may go up??


A take-it-off- yourself auto recycler could be a place to get parts. You get to “practice removing” on their car. The glass may be able to stay right in the door if you need to replace the motor or motor/regualtor (some are riveted).

Some or most yards like to sell the complete door and won’t let you take parts off. A door with mild damage to the exterior could be the answer. So long as the damage doesn’t mess up the internals, they might sell just pieces.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the idea. I will have to think if I want to do that much myself.


Thanks for getting back to us, happy to help.