Toyota echo front tire makes noise with sharp turns


i did accidently bump it on a curb kinda hard the other day. now i hear a slight whump-whump-whump sound whenever i make a sharp turn. how serious is this?


With luck it is a damaged tyre. It could be bent suspension parts. Some one will have to take a good look at it.

Personally I would not be comfortable driving it.


I agree with Joseph…don’t drive it until you find out the source of the sound. You may have internally damaged the tire, and theis could lead to heat buildup and sudden failure at highway speeds.

Take it to a tire shop that has a road force balancer. They’ll probably remove the wheel, visually check it for a bent rim or sidewall bubble, and if they can’t visually see damage put it on the machine. A road force balancer spins the wheel with an applied load and is the best way to confirm internal damage.