Major "Bump" in the road

Went in a driveway and scratched the front drivers side of a Hyundai Elantra. You know when you here it and cringe because you know it wasn’t good.

Now when I break and turn, the front tire (axel?) makes a “whoooring” sound. That’s the best way to put it. Any ideas?

Whooring sound… couldn’t be a tire, could it?

Something may be bent and contacting the tire. It might be as simple as the plastic wheel well splash guard being out of position. I guess you need a mechanic to turn the wheel and examine that area.

It could be a plastic part at the fron that is bent in such a way as to contact the wheel when turning.

Or maybe your axle has decided to take up the worlds oldest profession - hooking (you said it was making a whooring sound…)

Did some research and I guess a better word for the sound would be a “clunking” sound. Some sites often said this could be from a torn CV boot…

no not the tire itself actually. but more the underneath of the car.

This generally happens only when I am turning or slowing to a stop. Would I hear the same sound if going at a fast pace also?

Could be alot of things, from some loose part striking another part, to a damaged half-axle, etc. No real way unless you crawl underneath. A torn boot should be easy to spot, as should as obvious loose, ripped part…

I would suggest taking it somewhere since you have no looked for yourself. This could be deadly if suspension is damaged.