Tire noice

I own a 2003 Mazda Protege LX and I do most of the maintainance on my own (or try to). Two weeks ago I hit a curb pretty hard damaged the front driver tire) and went to Firestone to check it out and get an alignment and install new tires on the front since I had a new pair in the garage. They said I bent the rim, i got vibrations and a wobbly sound above 15mph and fades away above 30-ish mph. I ordered an identical replacment rim on Ebay and received it day after Thanksgiving. I had the bent rim swapped out and had all 4 wheels rebalanced. No more vibrations but I do hear a rhythmic dull thump noticeable between 15-30 mph, it doesn’t seem to appear if i make a right turn, but will if I drive straight or make a left turn. I called and the service tech assured me all 4 tires were balanced and none of the other rims are bent. Any idea what is causing the sound? Do I need to have another alignment done? Is this what they call a toe-in toe-out problem? Thank you for any advice.

meant tire noise :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess is maybe a CV joint or wheel bearing. I would begin by checking the left front.

Part II: You put new tyres on the front and I assume you have older ones on the back. If the ones on the back are noticeably more worn than those on the front, I suggest you have them switched. It may seem counter intuitive, but in slippery conditions you want the best tyres in the back to keep it from loosing grip first and swinging around to the front and giving you no control of where the car is going.

I agree. Swap the tires front-to-rear and see if the noise moves with the tires. You may have a bad tire.

My apologies for not filling in the background info. I bought a set of new tires online and replaced the rear at the beginning of August. The front pair were in decent condition so I decided to change them in the winter when I gotten more use out of them. I hit the curb 3 weeks ago, ordered a stock OEM rim on ebay and had it installed when it arrived day after Thanksgiving. The service center spun all 4 tires, swapped out the bent rim and rotated my tires so the rear are now in front. I cannot isolate where the sound is coming from as it sounds inside the cabin. Its a slow dull thumping sound especially noticeable around 20mph. I have been told by a friend that a bad CV joint makes more of a clicking sound but he could be wrong. Its definately not a clicking sound and its less noticable or fades away as I speed up past 30mph (or the thumping is just more rapidly uniform?) If I take it to the shop, what service should I ask for? According to the shop that did the alignment (i have a lifetime deal thing-one per quarter max)the struts are fine.