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Scraping noise during hard right turns - Toyota Yaris


I wanted the pose the question here first to be more prepared when I bring my car into the shop this week. I just noticed the other day that my car is making a modest scraping noise when the car is making a hard right turn (like you would be making into a parking spot). It doesn’t happen if you are just turning the wheel, the car must be moving. The sound does not seem to happen for left turns or when the car is going in reverse. I am leaning towards it sounding like it is coming from the front drivers side. The sound’s speed is dependent upon how fast the car is moving…it sort of makes an spinning sound.

A few things to note about the car. It is a 2009 with 62,000 miles on it. It has been maintained religiously, following the manufacturers guidelines. I had service done on the car about 3 weeks ago (it is possible this sound has been around since then but the car doesn’t get very much driving these days due to a carpool arrangement). The service done was: new tires and alignment, clean carbon build up off valves, rear drum brake adjustment (tightening and aligning I believe), transmission fluid replacement, and a new engine air filter.

Does anyone have any ideas? Could this be the result of the work done a few weeks back?

I appreciate your help in advance!

It sounds like the tire might be rubbing on something in the wheel well. I would check to see if any of the trim in the wheel well has come loose.

Others will probably be along to with a better suggestion.

Turn sharp enough and you will get that. Usually one side more than the other.

could be that the tires are the wrong size and is rubbing the inside of the fender. Check with a tire place for correct size tires and if they are correct tires then you have something bent inside your fender.