Rythmic Tire Noise after rough hit

During a rainstorm a few weeks ago, I managed to spin my Toyota 4Runner and smack the drivers rear tire into a curb pretty hard…hard enough it broke the tire seal and went flat. After getting the car to the tire shop, they just re-seated the tire and said it was balanced and all in good condition.

However, now when I drive, I get a rythmic “road noise” kind of sound that I never had before. I’m not sure if the tire is damaged internally, or if some bearing was hurt when I smacked the curb. Trying to figure out if it’s a tire problem or a mechanical problem.

This is a sound of the car in motion…you the rhythm of the noise moves along with the speed of the car.



I really question that tire shop’s diagnosis. It sounds like you bent/damaged the rim so I would go to another tire shop to get it checked out.

You might be able to find out by jacking up the corner of the vehicle and spinning the wheel. A damaged bearing should be noisy. If you hera no unusual noise, you could try rotating the tires and see if the noise moves.

In this case I like the bent rim theory. If you have allow wheels I really like the rim theory. Consumer grade allow wheels are not as strong as steel wheels.

You may also have permanently damaged the sidewall of the tire.
Although it has aired up , it will never be the same.

Much like creasing a piece of aluminum then bending it back straight again, the crease is always there and it’s stuctural integrity is forever compromised.

I just posted a similar question on here. After listening to the file, the sound is the same as my 2000 Camry after hitting right front tire on a curb. I removed the wheel assy and still heard the noise. Not sure what is the cause but if I get a response I’ll share.

You damaged either the tire, rim, bearings, or axle. Put on the spare, if the noise goes away it’s tire or wheel. If not, it’s bearings or axle.