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Tire road noise

when driving i hear tire noise in the front it only gets quiet when i make a left turn straight n right turns its noisy i have new tires and a alingnment its like i have big off road tires any suggestions out their

What kind of tires did you buy?

There are big differences between brands and types of tires. Tire noise can be a major problem, depending on the tire and the vehicle.

i got goodyear wranglers rt/s

It looks like those tyres are not getting very good reviews. Were they the same model tyre as the OEM tyres? DId you buy a set of four new tyres?

You might try bringing them to a different shop and have they check the tyres and alignment. Not all alignments are equal.

Tires should make the same noise when turning right as when turning left - unless the alignment is way different side to side.

You’ve had an alignment and the noise doesn’t occur when turning left probably means it is something else - not tires - causing the noise.

Look at CV joints and bearings, perhaps brakes.

Make, model, year would help. Have the front wheel bearings checked. After I had new Firestone Destination LE’s installed on a 2000 Blazer 4wd at 47k, the front wheel bearings went bad. I assumed the noise was due to the new tires until the next oil change when my mechanic told me it was the bearings.

One way to test if the bearing are bad is if the pitch/volume of the noise changes when the steering wheel was turned off-center (i.e. changing lanes). This was the Blazer was doing.

Ed B.