Toyota duplicae key costs $500 - better price?

2009 Corolla key cost $200 for programming at the dealer.

Where can I get it done cheaper and it work reliably?
Homedepot said they do not program!

Call a few automotive lock smiths and ask them, my guy Carlos makes keys and programs them on the spot… Another lock smith I used a lot told me about Carlos one Sunday when I was in a jam with a customers vehicle, used him a lot after that, so again, ask a few lock smiths if they or someone they know makes and programs keys…

If you were in Nashville I would give you his number… lol

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Definitely check with a locksmith. They tend to be a lot cheaper, and do just as good a job.

One advantage for the dealer, though…the locksmith may have to order a “blank fob” for your particular car, if he doesn’t have one in stock. The dealer may have the blank fob on their shelf today, if you know what I mean. Of course, you pay a premium for that.

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A “full service” locksmith can do it. But I found locksmith only ~ $10 less than dealer.

Either a local lock-smith. Or even places like Battery Plus.

There are ways to activate service mode so you can do the programming by yourself. I saw this online.
You can buy the keys for $15 eBay.
If the above mtd works, then, just take the key and cutting it at Home depot or somewhere else.

I have the masterkey so this mtd is worthwhile effort and i am not in a hurry.

Well, I guess you answered your own question.

For my Pontiac, I bought two oem fobs on line. Not sure how much anymore but around $80. But you have to make sure they are oem. The dealer had to program then for $120. So somewhere around $200 for two. $500 sounds a little high but so is everything now.

Where you buy the fobs can explain how to program but some need to be done by the dealer.

sigh … reminds me of when I need to have some special copying job done, they charge me a pretty pricey “rendering fee”. When all they do to “earn” that fee is click a button on the keyboard. Hopefully you’ll find an alternate method. We consumers seem to be in a very lopsided battle with very aggressive vendors these days.

My teen son lost the key to his car. The new key fob will require car programming in order to function and start the car. I am able to do this at work by simply connecting a laptop to the car and pressing a few keys. That involves $2000 worth of hardware and an $800/year subscription. You can bet I would charge a paying customer handsomely for that service.