Lost Keys 2000 Toyota Corolla

I have lost the keys for my 2000 Toyota Corolla and it appears quite expensive to replace through the dealership. I have been informed about $2000 for the keys and re-programming the ECU. That’s probably what my car is worth so I am searching for a more economical way of getting replacement keys. Any help would be appreciated.

That sounds too high even for a dealership. I would call several locksmiths and see if they have any known workarounds. I would also consider talking to some independent mechanics to see if they can replace the lock cylinder, etc and re-program the computer.

I would also call several Toyota dealers in about 100 miles to see if this pricing is accurate. A quick Google indicates about $300-500 (new master key, re-program ECU) with dealer, not $2000. Not sure if the info I found applies 100% to your situation, but several phone calls are worth it, if you can get the price down.

Visit your local LOCKSMITH. Most all locksmiths can originate keys for your vehicle and program the computer to accept the new keys. Find one in your area that accepts AAA, they have been checked out. Should not cost more then 1/4 the value of the vehicle to originate keys for it. Have them make a couple of spares too.

EVERY ONE should have SPARE keys for their cars. The new advanced security “chip” keys kan be costly but originating them is VERY costly. For some cars you need 2 working keys to program the on board computer to accept new keys. for other vehicles one working key is enough. Ask your local LOCKSMITH, they will advise you as to what your vehicle needs.

Find a trustworthy LOCKSMITH by visiting ALOA (associated locksmiths of america) or even your states locksmith association and search for one in your area. There are a lot of shady guys who claim to be locksmiths that just open cars and charge you way too much.

I’m a locksmith but do very little automotive work these days but I have not forgotten the trade. Post your area and I’ll recommend a few locksmiths that do automotive work and charge a fair price.

Maybe there should be a locksmith files to go along with the mechanics files.

I have contacted 3 dealers with approximately the same quotes. I am in Greece and the price was 1400-1800 euros. I thought it seemed a bit stiff but that was the prices they gave me. I have found a locksmith that quoted 600 euros (about $720) but I was hoping for something less expensive. I suspect I may be out of luck. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.

Wow…and I thought US dealers tended to be overpriced for their services.

Another vote to call a locksmith. Some are better equipped than others for programming car keys, but they are definitely far less expensive than dealers.

Thanks for your post…all valid comments if I was stateside. I appreciate your help!!!

I just looked up the 2000 Corolla and find that it does not have a chip in the keys. It should cost about $125-175 to originate keys for that car. A good locksmith should be able to handle that even over the phone or through the mail. Where in the world are you?

The USA corolla does not have the “chip” key. I have no info on the Euro model. it very well may have a “chip” in the key. Europe is far more advanced in the level of security for auto keys. The price you were quoted is a little higher then here in the states but it is pretty close.

It does a chip key here in Europe on that model, so I am stuck with that route. Thanks for the help.