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Replacement key

need to get a replacement key for 05 corolla. Is there any way to do this w/out going through the dealership? Since key has a computer chip, dealership will charge about $58 for key and same again to cut and program. See key blanks available at amazon, etc for $19 but can’t find any way to get blank cut and programmed that’s cheaper than dealer. Dealer will not cut/program blank purchased elsewhere.

Most Lock and Key shops, locksmiths, today can cut and stock computer chip keys. I would check, ask a mechanic but with some vehicles, programing the key is as easy, varies by vehicle, having the doors locked, windows up and putting the key into the ignition and turning it on and off over and over until the door locks activate. I know if you ask the local dealership here they will tell you how to code the key. They do not hook it to a computer.

There is the valet key, no chip in it but it will unlock, and start the vehicle.

Hope this helps.

Any competent locksmith will have the equipment and keys to do this, and also will have keys in stock for you.

When I had to get a replacement key, the locksmith was actually MORE than the dealer. Typically if you have two working keys/remotes, you can get a new key/remote, get it cut at a locksmith for a few bucks, and program it yourself by following the procedure listed in the manual or available online by a little searching.

If you only have one working key, you may have to have the dealer reprogram the system using equipment that only they or a decent locksmith has, which is going to cost a little. Not much you can do except bite the bullet and pay the money. You may be able to save a little by buying one online and taking it to the dealer. (My dealer didn’t mind) But beware–at least on my car, if a key has been programmed once and not cleared, it is useless. It may just be far less hassle to spend the money and get it done right the first time.

If you have any “BEST” hardware stores in your area, they have equipment to cut and program keys at about 1/2 the $$ dealers charge.

Toyota, like other manufacturers, no longer provide a way for the vehicle owner to program a new key if they have one or two existing working keys. Apparently the 2005 Toyota Corolla cannot be programmed yourself.

I have found local locksmiths to be at least 1/2 the price of what dealers charge (key price + programming). But you should call around - I don’t doubt, as Obivion noted, some locksmiths may charge more.

BEST, as well as Ace, True Value, etc, are franchises. Some may have this equipment, many will not.

Some of the posters above confuse the ignition key chip programming with the door opoening function. Having 2 keys etc. instructions are usually for programing door lock functions not ignition immobilizer. As mentioned some hardware stores have “cloners”, they “read” your current key and then clone the reading to the new key chip. Not all keys can be cloned.

Another choice is to get a key cut then use a programmed key taped up near the ignition switch but hidden. Some people just use the head of the key or even extract the “chip” and just tape that up, much eaiser to hide. Your car will now be easier to steal but who’s gonna know if you keep your mouth shut?