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Is there a cheaper way to replace Toyota key with computer chip?

I’d like to get a spare ignition key (with computer chip) for my '99 Toyota Avalon. the dealer wants $100 for the key and $60 to program it. Is there a way to avoid this blatant rip-off? Is there a cheaper way?


Joe Spivack

Call around to local locksmith shops. Some of them have added the technology to program keys, and can undercut the dealer easily. Start there first.

The only locksmith I could find that does it charges even more then the dealer - $285!! Help!

When my mother-in-law was quoted $80.00 for a new programmable key for her 2002 Ford Taurus, I found some online for $23.00 each. I bought two, got them cut locally, and programmed myself in 5 minutes. The programming directions are both in the owner’s manual and come with the keys.

The place I used was They have keys for the 99 Toyota Avalon for $29.99. They provide you the programming instructions, which will work as long as you have at least one good working key.

I agree with jayhawkroy - there are local locksmiths who should be able to do it for much less than the dealer - provided you have at least one working key.