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New key cost for 1999 Explorer

I need to get a new key for a 1999 Explorer and the dealer is quoting $30 for the key and $110 for programming.

Is the dealer my only option for this? I mean $140 for a KEY?? That strikes me as insane.

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So I’m stuck with the dealer for a new key?

Does anyone know how I can just unplug the whole anti-theft system and avoid this hassle?

This is why I hate push-button starts and anti-theft systems with chips in the keys.

I have never had an old-fashioned cylinder lock fail on me - just keep the weight of your keychain down and the things will tend to last forever. Spare keys can be bought at your local hardware store for $4 then.

I know someone with a brand new BMW the dealer told them would cost $1200 for a new key.

That is NOT a typo.

call several hardware stores that cut keys some of them have the chip programmer and know how to do it and ask if they have a locksmith. while you’re at it, call a locksmith. they may have another solution.

here on cape cod i know of only ONE hardware store that has an actual locksmith on hand and know this stuff.

Car Talk has a locksmith who reads this board, and he recommends contacting a locksmith. Many are able to do the complete job, at a price much less than dealer cost. Only by calling around will you be able to find out if you can do better.

Check a Ford specific forum. They might have the answer for you. A couple years ago I learned how to reprogram the Fob for my Pathfinder from a Nissan forum.

On most Ford cars, you can program a new key yourself as long as you have two working keys already. The procedure is in the owner’s manual, and it is pretty simple. (First working key in and turn to run and back off, second working key in and turn to run and off, and then the new key in and turn to run and back off. All this has to be done without too long between keys.) Of course, there are some models and some years that are exceptions to this.

Good chance your dealer is trying to meet the monthly goals. I have an 03 Crapstar, better known as a Windstar and I bought a new key. $30 sounds about right. I programmed the key myself, and my dealer showed me how.

Get all the keys for the car together.

Insert a key and cycle it ( on & off ) 3 or 4 times quickly.

Do this to all the keys. if you have remotes you hit a button on them quickly.

This was a year or so ago so it most likely is off a bit but you get the idea. I would call a different dealer and get there version. If the 1st dealer was trying to ream you then call the service manager and the general manager. The service manager might not know what the advisors are doing.

You can get a key on ebay shipped to you for $11 and have it cut for $2 and program it yourself. I made two spares this way. I had to go to the dealer first because I only had one key, new key and programming only cost me $74. You must have a big L on your forehead.

The dealer you went to charges less than the one I went to so I ‘have a big L on my forehead’? What’s wrong with you?

Yeah but I only have the one key, I need two to program it. Anyway my mech got me in touch with someone who will just disable the whole anti-theft system and eliminate the problem.

L stands for LUCKY. what did you think?

How would being overcharged make someone lucky?