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2007 Toyota Avalon p Power windows quit

All power windows with the exception of the front drivers side went out at the same time. 70000 miles

Many cars have a switch that can disable all of them except the driver’s. I have inadvertently switched it on some of my cars. Check door for switch. Owners manual if more info is needed. Good luck and please let us know how it goes.


If shanonia’s guess isn’t right, then check the fuses next.

The body control module controls the functions of all the power windows.


Fuses 27, 28, and 29 are located at the bottom of the dashboard kick panel above the parking brake pedal. Pull the panel cover and check to see if the links are broken. These fuses are for the three power windows that don’t work.

If the battery has been replaced or has been disconnected, the window switches must be initialized before they will operate from the master switch.

Check that the switch in the master switch in in the “unlock” position, go to each door and lower the window, then raise the window and hold the switch in the up position for an additional 2 seconds.