Stuck window!

Please bare with me, as I am pretty car “dumb”, but…I have a 2005 Chevy Cobalt with power windows, and the passenger side window has stopped working. there is no way to “lock” the window, so its not that, and I think it might be something as simple as the fuse, but…as I said before, I am pretty dumb when it comes to cars, and I cant seem to find where the fuse might be for the power windows. The owners manual shows where the fuse box is located, and I went there, but the stupid diagram doesnt show power windows. is it a hidden one? Is there another fuse box somewhere other than under the hood that I just haven’t found yet? Please, any help is appreciated!

It isn’t a fuse problem. If the fuse is blown none of the windows will work. There is one fuse and it’s a 30 amp fuse, it’s probably located under the hood.

There is usually a driver’s console that lets the driver control all the windows. Can you move the window with either the passenger side or driver’s side controls? Are there any noises, or is it silent when you try to run the window?

There should be a fuse panel inside the vehicle. Possibly at the end (or under) of the dash. The owners manual should show the location.

Does the window work from any switch? Can you work it from the driver’s side? Can you work it from the passenger’s side?

As willey suggested, if the driver’s side window is working it’s probably not a fuse. You may have to remove the passenger door panel to investigate. Look for a loose electrical connection or something obviously interfering with the window mechanism.

thanks ya’ll. There is absolutely no noise at all when i try to lower the window, and its that way from both drivers side and passenger side. of course this happened two weeks after the waranty ended. The bright side is the window is up!

time to lecture the husband to just pay to have it checked and fixed :smiley:

Sounds like possibly a bad power window motor. As far as your fuse box is concerned, the power windows should have a circuit breaker rather than a fuse, as my 96 Buick Regal does, and your Chevy may too. And, maybe the fuse or breaker is in another fuse box somewhere else, as you suspect.