Toyota camry 2009 automatic doors lock dont work at all!

Hello, I have Toyota Camry 2009 . My automatic lock doors stopped working at all. But it was long process, first all passengers doors sometimes opened, sometimes closed(I mean button on the doors didn’t open or close doors, remote control also didn’t open or close doors). Then they stopped function. 1 month later drivers door stopped working too. Now I can use only old fashion way. I made my research and I think I have to replace body ECU because it response for automatic door locks(but it cost a lot). Anybody has idea what it could be?

I would say it’s the Intergration relay up under the left side of the dash. All the door lock controls feed through it.

I agree it’s probably the Integration relay. It’s also much cheaper than a BCM. Besides…a failing BCM will usually cause all sorts of other problems as well.

Check for a signal going to the door lock actuators. They are a common issue and it is not unlikely that they all have failed.

Thank you for quick respond. Is it “Integration relay” inside body ECU. or how can I find it? I google it but could not find where is it…

I think it is actually part of the fuse block under the left side of the dash.

The Integration Relay & the Main Body ECU seem to be one in the same. Aldata calls it the ECU and Toyota schematics were calling it the Integration Relay.

Look at your symptoms, if you lost the body ecu all locks would have failed at once. You had locks fail at different times. It is easy to check for the signal at the door lock actuators. I have replaced hundreds of actuators on toyotas over the years and very few body ecus.