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Power locks do not Unlock sometimes - Toyota Camry 2007

I have a 2007 Camry LE and the locks on the passenger doors and back doors stopped responding to the remote key UNLOCK OR the driver side UNLOCK button. I have to manually unlock the three doors. However, the key LOCK and driver side LOCK button works fine. The issue is only with the unlock. I had the same problem couple of years back and it became alright on its own. Now am having the problem again. The strange thing is that, sometimes it all works fine and sometimes I have the issue. Has anyone else had this problem? Whenever I click on the Unlock button once, the driver side door unlocks. When I click it again, i hear the sound in all the doors and also the indicator light flashes / I hear the beep sound. But the passenger door and back door doesn’t unlock.

Replace the relay. It has dust burned on it which limits the juice or makes it inconsistent with changes in temp, humidity, etc. If the relay is pricey you could probably clean the existing one with a small file. Take it apart and you’ll see the dirty contacts.

Thanks for the advise. Is this something that can be done by myself or do I need to go to a mechanic. BTW, where is the relay located?

You can do it yourself. You don’t even need a tool–just pull old one out and push new one in. I don’t know where the relay is but I’m sure you can find the location on the net.

Thanks again. Shall try it out today itself and let you know.

I opened the front hood, opened the Fuse box, removed the Relays, cleaned the holders and inserted the Relays back. I also gave a firm press to all the relays. Wow, the door locks started working fine. Thanks a lot ‘fatrap’ for the suggestion which helped.

I have a 2010 Camry with the same problem. I’ll check the fuses/relays as you did. I’ll let you know if it helps.

I also have a 2007 Toyota Camry that has the exact same problems with the passenger side front and both rear door lock actuators. The dealer told me that it just needed new actuators. I replaced one of the rears, but now that one is doing the same thing as the old ones.
When I check under the hood for door lock relays, the fuse block panels doesn’t list a relay for the doors. I don’t see where to find the correct relay to clean.
Also, my door locks don’t work when the temperature drops below freezing but work from April to November perfectly. The dealer can’t figure that one out. Anyone have other ideas?

Where is this relay located? I have the exact same situation as PDSUBBU has. I checked the relays in the under hood fuse panel. None are listed as being for the door locks, but I pulled each of them and they were clean as a whistle. When I have looked at other online forums, the only mention of relays for the door locks tells me that they are locked in the ECM only. Are you saying the relay can be taken apart and checked over for the dust?

The drivers for the door lock actuators are inside the Main Body ECU, there are no external relays. Before replacing anything test for power to the door lock actuators using a test light while locking and unlocking the doors.

Your door lock actuators are weak and failing, the dealer said to replace them.

I replaced one of the lock actuators in the rear. It worked fine for a week when the weather was consistently above freezing. Today however, the temperature dropped below freezing and once again, the passenger doors would not open. It did work properly when I used the key in the driver’s door.

I don’t see how what you did would fix anything with the door locks. There is no door lock relays in the under hood fuse panel. I have the same year and make Toyota and there are no relays to be found either under the hood or under the dash.

Also, the dealer had their best mechanic check the circuits for opens and codes, but nothing found to be wrong. Suggested replacing actuators. When I talked with the service manager this afternoon, I told him about replacing one actuator and it still is malfunctioning. He told me there are relays under the dash even though I told him that I have read that there are no relays except for what controls the doors within the ECU. I am thoroughly confused to say the least.

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