Locks won't unlock - 2007 Camry

I have a 2007 Camry LE and recently the locks on the passenger and back doors stopped responding to any form of trying to unlock the doors (except old-fashioned manual unlocking). Using the remote keyfob or the button inside the driver’s door or using the key to unlock all doors no longer works. I have kids who sit in the back, so this is really inconvenient. Has anyone else had this problem and or have a clue to what’s going on?

There is a switch in the driver’s door I believe that operates the other doors. The switch contacts may be dirty.

That wouldn’t explain the failure of the inside switch, the door key switch, or the remotes.

Do all doors lock electrically? If not, then check the fuses. If they do lock, then a relay has failed in the electronic module that handles the door locks.

Pull the owner’s manual and see if there is a fuse for the door locks, and if so replace the fuse. If that’s not it, get ready to spend a few bucks. This is the kind of issue that I’d take it to a Toyota dealer if it were my car.

That’s the frustrating thing, they will all lock with the driver’s side door button, keyfob and by turning the key in the driver’s door, but they won’t unlock. It’s probably the relay as you mentioned then. Thanks very much for your help!

I probably should check the fuse although the problem doors are still locking (but not unlocking). I’ll probably need to take it in to the dealer, although they said they would need to keep it all day, who has time for that? It should be covered under the extended warranty that we purchased; if not, there will be heck to pay! Thanks for your help!

Typically, there is an electronic control module with three relays related to the door locks.
The lock relay activates the locks for all four doors.
The driver unlock relay activates the unlock for the driver’s door.
The passenger unlock relay activates the unlock for the other three doors.

Generally, the modules are replaced instead of repaired. Since the locks work, you know that the wiring is okay.

If the doors are locking electrically, then it is not a fuse.

I looked at a wiring diagram for this and my head is still spinning after looking at things. It is two full pages of wiring in small print. As others have already somewhat stated the trouble may be with the controller for the system which in this case is the Main Body ECU. Unforunately the trouble may be inside it since things seem to work ok in the lock mode. There are 6 fuses involved with the system also. One thing stands out to me on this. There is a “Unlock Warning” switch in the circuit somewhere but it may just provide a visual warning when a lock switch is in the unlock mode.

When using the keyfob to unlock the doors do the exterior lights turn on when it is activated? If so that would mean the system sees the action at least. As far as I can see right now it looks like the body ECU is the trouble but that would need to be proved first before purchasing a part. If that proves to be correct you should be able to get a refurbished unit at a far less price than a new one would cost from the dealer.