Camry wont open

I have a 2006 Toyota Camry LE with automatic door locks and just recently the door locks, except the driver side door, won’t open with key faub or switch on driver side door panel. Driver side door opens and locks all the time. Also if the locks are opened manually from inside, they will lock automatically with switch or key faub. Could this be a relay problem or is it related to the switch in door panel. Pleaase respond.

I suspect the contacts for the unlock side of the switch are dirty and cleaning the contacts will clear the trouble. You could prove that by jumpering those switch contacts with a jumper wire. If you take the switch apart, place the switch in a clear plastic bag when you start to take it apart so if any springs fly out the bag will catch them.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try and see what happens.

Cougar that plastic bag trick is a good one, wish I thought about it a few years ago.
I still look at the ground at my dads house for that spring LOL