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96 toyota camry

Our 1996 Toyota Camry wagon has a problem with the door locks, power windows, rear wipers and windshield washer squirters.

When you close the drivers door, the door locks click on and off, even though you haven’t touched them. The power windows sometimes go up and down, and sometimes don’t. The front wiper blades work, but the squirters don’t always. The rear wipers and squirter aren’t working at all.

My mechanic replaced the integrated relay, then the body control module. With each of them, the items would work for a bit, then go on the fritz again. He is out of ideas, and I can’t afford the dealership’s $75 an hour labor fee. Do we have a short somewhere? Or could some of these problems be separate, and not related to each other?

Scrape the end of the engine to body ground. Body end. Clean both ends of the battery cables.

I understand cleaning the battery cables; what do you mean by 'scrape the end of the engine to body ground, body end"? Sorry, I’m a novice…

It means to disconnect the cables (or, straps) which electrically connect (ground) the engine to the car body (at the fender). When the cables/straps are disconnected, scrape, or sand, the surfaces that touch together (the cable end and the metal fender/engine areas). Scrape/sand the battery cable end and attachment areas, also. This action will improve electrical connections. Better connections will allow full voltage (12 volts) to reach the parts (switches, etc.) which may be faulty because of reduced voltage reaching them. They could start working properly, again.

Got it. That is what I thought after I mulled it over. I’ll try that asap.

check for broken wires in the door jamb,and conn at left frt kick panel.sounds as if you have separate probs.door wires may fix lock issue.