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Torque converter and transmission?

I intalled my torque converter wrong on my camry, would it cause any damages to my transmission, I only started it for 15 min and found out that it won’t engage to any gear, so I read online that I intalled it wrong, so would it cause any damages to the transmission pump or any other part?

thank you in advance

should the torque converter fit firmly into the transmission or would it wiggle? if it wiggles is there anything wrong inside the trans? like the pump?

The torque converter will have some wiggle to it even with it installed correctly. The only way you could have installed it wrong is if the cutouts in the converter hub did not engage the tangs on the pump. How do you know you installed it wrong???


I would think that if those oil pump drive tangs didn’t line up with the oil pump gear, you would not have been able to bolt the bell housing up to the engine all the way, unless you foolishly forced it, in that case, you probably damaged something.