Torque converter or transmission?


2003 Escape. Has a vibration occasionally when accelerating or going up hill. Does it in cruise control a s well. Feels like you’re driving over a rumble strip. Often very subtle.

First diagnosis was tansmission fluid needed changing. Did that. Seems a little less prevalent but haven’t been highway driving as much. It does still happen.

Now service manager asys it may be a torque converter. Very expensive to replace and we should get to the bottom of it right away. If is gos whn I’m driving, I’m SOL.

Any experience with this out there? Should I have it diagnosed and “fixed”? I can get a “deal” if I do it right away b/c We’re such good customers…

Is this something serious or a car quirk to live with?


Ive had a torque converter go twice before. I felt the car basically “losing power” the fluid in the torque converter wasnt creating the same power as the converter worn down. Ive never noticed vibration. Get a good flash light and look in the engine compartment from top and bottom and check your motor and transmission mounts first. Much less to replace and could be the issue of vibration. Look for cracked rubber/broken entirely. Also look at the bolts that connect to either end of the rubber mount. They could, not likely, be loose. Thats where I would start with vibration issues.