Torque converter and transmission

I don’t know which is bad the tranmission or the torque converter in the car since it doesn’t engage to any grear while it is on or off! I want to know if anyplace can check them for me when they are out of the car and tell me which is the bad part, does anyone know who can check them for me for cheap?

Well, the car won’t have any gear engagement while it’s off, because the engine isn’t turning the transmission pump, and that’s what keeps the clutches engaged.

Tell you what you do first, make sure that it is full of fluid, then if it is, drain the fluid and see if the pan contains any metal or excess clutch material. That should tell you something right there.

If you need to have someone make a diagnosis, open your local yellow pages to the automobile transmissions section and start calling local shops to see what they can do for you.

Will the transmission go into Neutral and Park? Can you push roll the car in Neutral? BTW this is a possibly a Camary as indicated in a previous post.

A transmission shop can do a quick line pressure check to see if there is any hydraulic pressure inside the trans.


Does it have transmission fluid in it? Did you check?

This is my previous discussion on this site

We are familiar with your previous posts but the bottom line is, if the trans wont engage, the linkage is connected, the fluid is right, and the torque converter bolts are connected (Which we addressed in your previous posts) then you need to take it to a trans shop and let them have a look. There is only so much we here can do through a computer screen. I could tell you exactly what it is if I had it in front of me… Somebody needs to look at it.

Let us know what you find out, good luck…