Transmission won't engage


I have had a transmission fluid pouring down from the torque converter area about 3 months ago and decided I could do the job on my car myself, so I took my time by taking the transmission back and proceeded on taking the seal out so I did and tried to replace everything back to the original place. Now I am having a bigger problem with it, as the car starts and sound very good, but will not engage in any gear. I tried every gear but no luck and it is like it is on park the whole time,

if anyone can help me with this I will be very thankfull

Thank you for your time

Not trying to sound funny, but did you put the torque converter bolts back in??? These are the bolts which secure the converter to the flex plate. By the way, what kind of car are we talking about??? Make, model, engine size??


That was the exact same question that came to my mind as I read the post. I had a customer replace his trans once and then towed it to my shop because it would not move. Turns out he forgot the torque converter bolts.

I’ve had customers calling me yelling and screaming that the trans I just built for them wouldnt work after they suffered through grueling hours of labor R&R’ing it themselves. Their next phone call is usually a happy one eating crow…LOL


A friend of mine rebuilds transmisions for a living. He tells a story about the 700-R4 he rebuilt for a guy with a Camaro. The guy picks up the trans from the shop on a Friday afternoon. Monday morning he calls my friend screaming and yelling about the piece of crap trans. Mike calms the guy down and says he will come look at it on his lunch break. He shows up at the house and sure enough the car doesn’t move. As Mike gets down to look under the car he spots the driveline wedged behind the back tire. Boy was the Camaro owner embarassed.

The car is a 1994 camry and I am sure I have the torque converter bolts back, but some of my friends tell me it could be electrical, but I can’t seem to see anything not put back into place correctly.
thank you for your help

I think I’d bet in this case that the convertor isn’t pushed back all the way to seat in the pump. While the pump may turn anyway, I’d bet that the input shaft isn’t seating in the convertor since the convertor isn’t back far enough.

The transmission will have to come back out to seat the convertor.

SO you don’t think it is anything electrical? or if I damaged the transmission, because I don’t hear the transmission turning at all or even heating up while the car is on.
thank you for your time

I am not a trans expert by any means but I am fairly sure it is not electrical.
We need to start with the basics.
Is there fluid in it?
When you shift from park to Reverse can you feel or hear anything?
Make sure the shift cable is attached (I know you checked but check again).
Put the trans in park, set the e-brake, block the rear wheels, jack up the front of the car (1 wheel). Try to spin the wheel. Does it spin?
Set the car down and repeat on the other side.
Pull the torque converter cover and make sure the torque converter bolts are in place.
When re-installing the trans did it slide easily up to the block or did you draw the two together with the bolts?
After bolting up the trans to the engine you would have needed to spin the torque converter to line up the bolt holes. Did the converter spin freely?

*There is fluid in there, but I didn’t add too much because I don’t even feel or hear anything move inside.
*Shift cable is attached
*The wheels spinon park
*torque converter bolts are in
*3 bolts went in smoothly and two others needed to be screwed in
*I didn’t need to spin the torque converter because it was already alighned

No, its definately not going to be electrical. Even with no electronics at all, there would be movement. It wouldnt shift, but there would be movement. You said that there is fluid in there… About how much?? If the fluid is low enough, there would be no movement… You shouldn’t hear anything inside the transmission move at all. My advice now would be to add fluid. If you still get no engagement, its time to pull out the old pressure guage.


When you spin the wheels in park, are they rotating in opposite directions? With one of the drive wheels locked or on the ground is the other locked? If the answer to these questions is ‘no’, something is disconnected between the wheels and transmission. An axle may not be seated correctly in the transmission or something is wrong with the final drive back to the parking pawl.

The answer is no to the second question, but yes to the first question. So it is locked when one wheel is locked. how can i fix this problem? Also, does any place check the transmission for any problems if I take it off? Also does any place check the torque converter if it is working?
Thank you all for all of your help