1999 Taurus torque converter & auto transmission

Recently had my transmission flushed(@90K) and soon after the car had problems shifting(rough) Changed trans oil filter and seemed to correct the problem. Now “servcie engine soon” light is on and the code says its a torque converter problem. It must be slipping becasuse I can see the tach vary a 100 to 200 rpm when the car is under a load. Is there a good additive I can put in the transmission to correct this problem or am I looking at a transmission/TC overhaul? I’d be happy to get another 40K to 60K before having to incur the expense of an overhaul.

Did a dealer or trans shop do the flush?? Did they drop the pan, examine the debris and change the filter before flushing??


You may have to get those miles from another car. It isn’t worth the hassle or the money to rebuild the transmission. You are also due for a heater core and radiator soon. The Taurus is an easy car to replace because they cost very little. It is worth saving because its not in the category of “get rid of it before it kills you.” And keep your front end aligned to save the next transmission.

An independent shop did the flush and didn’t drop the pan or change the filter. I was shocked when I heard the filter wasn’t replaced when they flushed it, but they said that’s the way the Ford dealership recommends doing it. A dealer diagnosed what caused the problem and I took it back to the independent shop and they replace the filter and oil for nothing. I looked when they dropped the pan and did’t see any debris of any size or consequence after the flush(6k driven since the inital flush).