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Toyota Camry 1994 transmission clicking 5S-FE Engine

i have a 94 toyota camry just replaced the engine because a rod shot through the engine block. We pulled the engine with the transmission still attached to the car. replaced engine and hooked everything up. We began filling all the fluids and autozone told me my car needed 9 quarts of transmission fluid. so we got to about 6 quarts and it was way over filled. drained about 2 quarts and put it at the cold level on the dip stick. We turned on the car and shifted into all gears and put fluid back to cold level. We than tried to put it into gear to test but there was no power. The engine sounded great but it wouldn’t give power to go. so we added about a half quart more of fluid and it started clicking in the transmission and still didn’t get any power. The clicking wasn’t a grind just a constant click. What do you think the cause of this is?

I assume that the torque converter stayed engaged to the transmission input shaft, stator support, and pump lugs i.e. you unbolted the torque converter lugs from the flex plate and retained the TC closest to the transmission when you removed the old engine.

When you rebolted the torque converter to the flex plate did it slide into engagement easily i.e. there was not any tendency of the plate to pull up to the TC? Did the draw up distance with the replacement engine match the pull back distance of the previous engine?

The next step is to see if you have line pressure in Park and Neutral. I am wondering if the drive tangs on the torque converter are engaging solidly with the pump lugs.

Get back to us with the solution to this interesting problem.

I guess you forgot to bolt the torgue converter up to the flex plate??